Snupsi and his story

As you probably know or have guessed, Snupsi is the name of the book’s main character. He is a curious and adventurous fellow living on Juniper island. He is a bit furry and all blue, except the orange tips of his antennas and soles of his feet. The later are a bit strangely coloured – white. And if you wonder, do they get dirty, then my answer is –  a little 😊 But by no means is the book only about Snupsi. It is an adventure story where all his friends – uncle Helden, Patter, Tinken, Hiku and Nuff – have equally important role.

Snupsi is not quite a typical youngster. Yes, he is cheerful and really enjoys his life on the tiny Juniper Island like any other kid there. He lives in a yellow round wooden house where his tiny friend Patter often joins him for a breakfast. But from time to time, something else seeps in –  sorrow, accompanied by lots of questions. At times he finds himself sitting on the pier with an old compass, staring in turn at the sea and a funny looking compass needle – a hovering tiny finger not pointing to the north, but towards the horizon. Years ago, there was a huge thunderstorm on Juniper island. After the weather had calmed down, one could see very unusual sight on the ragged beach full of debris. There was about a year old Snupsi, playing happily in the sand with a strange looking weathered compass… but with no one beside him.  And nobody on the island had seen him before either. It was obvious that Snupsi was not born and raised there. But  where? The same question had been haunting Snupsi ever since Helden, who found him on the beach and raised him as his own, had told him that story.

So who is Helden? He is a white-moustached elderly man, the island’s brightest and only scientist. Actually, to be precise, he is officially retired, but was once actually a scientist in a secret lab far-far away. He had been long fiddling with the creation of a proper fuel for his odd-looking flying vehicle, Escapist. Snupsi had spent countless hours observing Helden’s tinkerings and when grew a bit older, also helped him out with his experiments. But besides helping and learning from Helden, Snupsi’s true obsession is nature, observing and studying all the tiny creatures and plants he could find from the island. Helden finally manages to create the energy source that he proudly names after himself as heldenium. As a bonus, he also blew off the roof of his house in the process. Which, actually, wasn’t that bad since the Escapist was built inside his house and he had forgotten about the tiny detail of how to get it out one day. So, I will stop with spoilers now, but only add that with the completion of the Escapist, Snupsi’s life is about to take a serious twist. An unforgettable journey awaits him and his friends while they head to the unknown –  where the floating finger of the compass is pointing to. As it appears, at first randomly looking adventures seem to have a mysterious connection. Caring, understanding, bravery and wit help to overcome challenges, find new friends and reconcile conflicts.

But will Snupsi find the answers? And where does the journey take them? Well, I will tell no more, but if you would like to find out, I would be more than happy send you the book. The English version cannot be yet found from international book shelves or web stores, but if it is, I will surely post here the links.