What next?

“What will you do next with Snupsi?” was then the main question I was asked. The only honest thing at that time I could do was to shake shoulders, but I knew what my ultimate goal was. Basically every kid who now knew Snupsi demanded an animation, as if they knew somehow where I eventually was steering towards. But would there be enough interest? Would people even notice … and would I be persistent  and confident enough to reach the people and my ultimate goal? There were and still are questions in my mind I knew that at one point was that I would be glad like to write a sequel one day. And of course the other dream is that the kids would be able to actually hold Snupsi and his friends one day, play with them and create their own adventures.  I somehow had imagined that after the publication, things would start to further unfold by themselves, effortlessly. But of course life usually a bit different plans to those that are yours.. or at least makes your paths somewhat unforeseeable. The book was sold out pretty quickly and my work took me back to Belgium. As fast as everything had sky rocketed, it all came down and suddenly it was all “quiet”.

I felt bad in Brussels that I had left Snupsi sort of alone. Well, I didn’t left him intentionally alone, but I was out ideas how to move forward. I made a promise to myself not to forget about him and keep on figuring out my next move. I contacted again Mariann, my book illustrator and told her about my idea of translating the book into English with added pictures. (Due to publishing costs, the first edition had limited number of pages, thus we also had to reduce the number of illustrations.)

Mariann said yes! I also found a translator and voila – 2018 January in Brussels I was holding the freshly printed English version of Snupsi. In the meantime, I had also purchased a 3D printer and tried out how it would be to sculpt out the book characters in 3D and print them out. I thought of starting out with one of my favourite characters, but also one of the most difficult to sculpt – desert-Tinn.  And boy did he come out good!  The next were hopsters – tiny tennis ball looking creatures. I was a “printing mad” 😀 I managed to make about 100 hopsters as Christmas tree decorations and give them as farewell gifts to colleagues and friends. Again, it was another amazing Christmas 😊

This time, I had to publish the English version by my own means and thus it meant a very small quantity. I visited Bologna book fair in March 2018 and with the kind help from Hea Lugu, the April London Book Fair featured Snupsi as one of the children’s books at the Estonian stand. It was such an honor for me and basically more than a dream that had come true. I am still baffled and honoured. What next? Well, I keep adding content to this page and hopefully will be able to take part in new book fairs. I hope that one day Snupsi and his friends would find their way to the hearts of kids all over the world, be it either by means of books, illustrations, animations, self-made 3D prints or some other means. I only know that I will keep doing this website, add stories and videos, perhaps even podcasts as long as there are kids and adults alike who like what I do or enjoy the book.

 The new cover for the English version book.

A very satisfied face standing beside his book and three tiny chaps at the 2018 London Book Fair.

To celebrate Estonia’s 100th Birthday on 24th Feb 2018, I made a special edition of Tinn holding the Estonian flag and  wearing socks with traditional Mulgi  (area in Southern Estonia) patterns.

And here he is again with a herd of hopsters

The usual  messy desk on a painting day – some Helden and Snupsi clones, 3D printed and hand painted