Helden is a farther figure to Snupsi, but also gives the restless and curious soul quite a bit of freedom. Snupsi lives in his own round house, but not far from Helden. It is also a safety precaution – Helden worked at night in his experiment lab when everyone else was sleeping. And it wasn’t rare that during those laborious nights, also some pretty loud and scary explosions occurred. The usual aftermath being a house without a roof.

To Snupsi, Helden is the most exciting character on the whole island. He is just so different. Unlike most of the other islanders, Helden wasn’t born on Juniper Island and thus they also share something in common. He had traveled to the island from far away and had worked for most of his life in a secret city hidden away in a mountain range, filled with rooms and laboratories. Helden had been an expert there in a very complicated subject – physical chemistry.

Helden manages to spice up Snupsi’s life even further when he finally invents a power source – heldenium generator –  for his barrel-looking flying machine. So far it had been sitting around useless for years, but now Escapist becomes the centre of attention for the whole island. With a festive ceremony held by the islanders, it carries Snupsi and his friends off to faraway lands and even beyond!