Hiku slightly resembles a parrot, but no parrot or rooster has such a comb as he does. Terefore, Hiku wasn’t quite sure what kind of bird he really is. He had hatched from a striped and polka-dotted egg. A seaman on a trip to a far-off land had found the egg after it had fallen out of an abandoned nest atop a tree. When he visited Juniper Island, he had gifted it to Helden. After a few weeks, the egg hiccupped and fell from the hatchery onto the floor. A small and naked chick was shivering between the broken eggshells, and Helden gave him a suitable name – Hiku.

Hiku turned out to be a very clever chick. And when he had turned a few months old, he said his first word – transformer. And when he was a year old, he had more to say during a day than Helden could possibly listen to. By that time, it had also become clear that Hiku was definitely not a songbird. The only sounds that he could force out of his beak were “hoonk” or “yyikk”.